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December 15, 2017

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2013-02-13 Mali: Risque d'enlisement de la victoire militaire

... L'objectif est bien de rétablir la paix [au Mali] qui ne sera effective que lors de la reconquête totale de l'intégrité du territoire national: cela demandera du temps d'autant que, pour l'heure, se sont essentiellement les militaires français qui sont en première ligne, avec une armée malienne affaiblie et dont la chaîne de commandement demeure floue...

2011-05-18 Burundi: Challenges overshadow progress

While Burundi has made important strides towards peace and development in recent years, more remains to be done...

2011-04-23 Burundi: Corpses found floating on river

Fourteen bodies, some of them mutilated with machetes, have been discovered in a river west of Burundi's capital. At least one of the victims - whose identities are not yet known - was decapitated...

2011-03-31 Burundi> More troups sent to Somalia

As pro-government troops continue their push to oust Islamist insurgents from southern and central Somalia, Uganda and Burundi have pledged additional troops to reinforce the African Union peacekeeping mission...

2011-01-17 Burundi: The land conflict headache

Landless returnees are the most vulnerable and difficult to reintegrate, according to a After living abroad as refugees for years – in some cases decades – many of the half-million people who have returned to Burundi since 2002 are having to cope with a severe shortage of one of the tiny country’s most precious commodities: land...

2011-01-02 Burundi: more victims of grenade explosion

A grenade exploded in Burundi's capital Bujumbura as revellers were ushering in the new year, killing three people and wounding three others...

2010-12-14 Burundi: Killings unabated

Three civilians and one policeman were killed in Burundi overnight in two separate incidents which authorities blamed on "armed bandits"...

2010-11-14 Burundi: lack of competence hampers development

World Bank's Vice-President for Africa Region Obiageli Ezekwesili stressed here on Friday that lack of knowledge and capacities is a hinderance to Burundi's economy recovery...

2010-11-13 Burundi: Opposition denounces ombudsman election

Burundi's already depleted parliamentary opposition on Friday boycotted the election of the country's ombudsman, arguing that the ruling party imposed its candidate...

2010-11-06 Burundi: Assassination of another opposition leader

Armed attackers in military uniform killed a Burundian opposition official in a southern region of the war-scarred country...

2010-09-19 Burundi: Rebellion Resumption?

... The three-month-long electoral marathon had been seen as an opportunity for Burundi to prove its democratic credentials and seal the end of a civil war that has killed at least 300,000 people dead since 1993.

"There is no doubt, the people we saw are not simple thugs, they are real fighters, even if I can't tell you what group they belong to," ...

2010-08-22 Burundi: Democracy dies, EAC closes a blind eye

... They forgot that leaders across the region have the same attitude to democratic elections; that across the region elections are rigged and the results of the elections known before the populace even goes to the polls. The EAC has chosen to support the perpetrators of abuse and not the victims...

2010-08-22 Rwanda: Kagame described by former ambassador Robert Krueger.

... Emerging from the meeting [with Kagame] into the darkened streets of Kigali, I knew there would be no equal justice or real democracy as long as Kagame held power...

2010-08-01 Burundi: Croatian arreted on terrorist charges

Burundi police arrested a Croatian tourist in the capital Bujumbura for suspected links to an Islamist extremist group, he told AFP on Wednesday...

2010-07-31 Burundi: Trial begins for Opposition Journalist

A Burundian court opened the trial Friday of a journalist accused of treason for charging that the country's security forces were incapable of deterring an attack by Somali insurgents...

2010-07-18 Burundi: One more journalist jailed

Burundi police arrested a journalist for alleged "treason" Saturday over an article questioning whether the security forces could deal with an attack like one that hit Uganda a week ago...

2010-05-11 Burundi: Mother and her albino son maimed

Attackers in Burundi chopped off the limbs of a 5-year-old albino boy and pulled out his mother's eye, killing them over the belief that their body parts would bring wealth and success...

2010-02-14 Burundi: Risk of violence as elections near

Tensions are rising ahead of elections in Burundi, a small central African country still struggling to emerge from 13 years of civil war...

2010-02-07 Burundi: Shooting rampage in Bujumbura

Two Burundian soldiers went on a shooting spree Saturday, killing a colleague and wounding a civilian in the latest in a string of incidents involving the army...

2010-01-18 Burundi: EAC to help with 2010 Elections

BURUNDI HOLDS A CRUCIAL PRESIDENTIAL election this June, and one thing is clear: It is up to member states of the East African Community to ensure that it is free, fair and peaceful...

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